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Digital Edition of Textile Forum magazine

(until 31 December 2014 only!)

English Version:

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Pfeilsee trial issue

An English version of the digital edition is available by subscription.

Subscriptions will be managed by the EXACT EDITIONS company. Subscribers have the option of using PayPal, but this is not a requirement. Payments must be made in British pounds.
The starting page of our digital edition of TF has an ABOUT button that can be used to view the "Frequently Asked Questions" page, which answers all basic queries readers may have ( FAQ).

Free sample copy:
A trial issue of our magazine, readable in its entirety, is available free of charge, including all related service functions.
All other issues of TF can be browsed in a reduced format providing a visual impression of all available double pages. The title page and table of contents of each issue can be enlarged, read and printed!
A search function by keyword (names, themes etc.) is available for the full table of contents of each digital issue (this also applies to all other magazine titles offered by Exact Editions).

Subscription Service:
All digital TF issues can be fully used, including the service functions (overview of TF titles):

  • All pages of TF issues can be browsed as single or double pages in an easy-to-read format
  • A full printout in pdf format or a quick printout in text-only format is available for each page
  • Text and images can be cut, copied to clipboard and pasted into blogs
  • The search function can be applied either to the TF issue that is open or to all available titles, and to all other digital titles available from Exact Editions
  • All websites and e-mails mentioned in TF issues can be accessed directly
  • Subscribers with access to telephone software (e.g. Skype) can activate the telephone numbers mentioned in TF issues
  • The postcodes for most addresses can be activated to show their exact location on Google Maps
  • The ISBN numbers of books reviewed in TF have been activated and linked directly to the respective pages of amazon.com

German Version:

Interested readers can order the German edition of our magazine in digital format from www.pressekatalog.de at a price of 5.99 EUR per copy (as from 2012). The complete issue is available in PDF format; the pages look exactly the same as in the printed version, and can be browsed forwards and backwards using a PDF reader.