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PfeilSelected Funders for European projects
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Twenty key-websites about textiles & fashion

(Detailed information see PfeilETN Database, area for password holders)

Grants & programmes

This website of the European Foundation Centre in Brussels gives information on more than 150 funding bodies worldwide (see "Grant Seekers", Funding information records)

The Soros Foundation Network mainly supports projects in education, culture, civil society, health and the environment, with a strong focus on East-West European co-operation

CORDIS, the Community Research and Development Information Service, offers access to a wide range of information on European Union research and innovation development programmes

Cultural heritage

USA based museums portal witz 37,000 addresses worldwide

The worldwide portal to museums and cultural heritage

A well-done directory of museum related information for Germany, Austria and Switzerland, in German language only

Interactive website for anyone interested in carpets, textiles, Asian and tribal art

Portal for costume information, a.o. link directory, by Tara Maginnis


The European League of Institutes of the Arts (ELIA) is a specialized network of 210 educational institutions in 26 European and in 6 extra-European countries; textile & fashion departments figure under "design"

Textile & fashion craft and design
Information & interaction

Abundant link collection of textiles & fashion related websites, arts, crafts, design, heritage, education etc.

Network of fashion and textile historians, designers etc.

Textile & fashion industry and trade

Portal for fashion and textiles, with a focus on German speaking countries

Online service for (textile & fashion) fairs worldwide



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Websites and handbooks on networking and funding

LabforCulture - Europe's largest online information and resource centre dedicated to European arts and culture in English, French, German, Polish and Spanish

Guide to European Funding for NGOs, 10th Edition, Brussels, ECAS (European Citizen Action Service), 2004; 250-page handbook

Europa fördert Kultur - Aktionen, Programme, Kontakte zur Kulturförderung der EU (online documentation only!), on the basis of the book, published in 2001 by the Kulturpolitische Gesellschaft & the German Kulturrat, Bonn

(websites of 1,200 funders from the UK, USA, Canada and Europe); Chapel & York Ltd., P.O. Box 50, Lingfield RH7 6FT, UK (£ 17.50 incl. postage); tel: +44-1342/ 866790
e-mail: info@chapel-york.com

Arts Networking in Europe
(2nd edition, 1996/Mr Rod Fisher - 163 networks and "network facilitators") The Arts Council of England, 14 Great Peter Street, London SW1 P 3NQ, UK (£ 15.00)

Cultural Funding in Europe
(directory of 152 foundations and corporate funders of the arts and culture in Europe), European Foundation Centre (EFC), 51 rue de la Concorde, B-1050 Brussels, tel. +32-2/5128938; fax: /5123265 (Euro 40.00)
e-mail: aries-efc@geo2.poptel.org.uk

More Bread and Circuses: Who does what for the arts in Europe?
(available in English, French and German; Brussels 1995, 542 pp.) Informal European Theatre Meeting (IETM), 19 Square Sainctelette, B-1210 Brussels; tel. +32-2/2010915; fax: /2030226

Handbook of Cultural Affairs in Europe
(2nd edition, 1995, by the CIRCLE Network), Nomos-Verlagsgesellschaft, Baden-Baden, ISBN 3-7890-3687-0; 626 pp. (DM 98.00)

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Selected Funders for European Projects

Source: www.Grantmakers, Chapel & York, Ltd., UK
URL: http://www.chapel-york.com

Alexander von Humbold Foundation, Bonn/Germany (focus on education)

Alfred Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach-Stiftung, Essen/Germany (a.o. focus on Arts & Culture, Education, Science)

Bertelsmann Foundation, Gütersloh/Germany (a.o. focus on Arts & Culture, Education)

Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon/Portugal (a.o. focus on Arts & Culture, Education, Science/Western Europe)

Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft e.V., Cologne/Germany (a.o. focus on Education)

European Cultural Foundation, Amsterdam/Netherlands (a.o. focus on Arts & Culture, Education/Europe)

Fonds Roberto Cimetta, Paris/France (focus on Arts & Culture in the Mediterranean area)

Getty Grant Program, Los Angeles/USA (focus on Arts & Culture, Humanities)

King Baudouin Foundation, Brussels/Belgium (a.o. focus on Arts & Culture, Science)

Lambrakis Research Foundation, Athens/Greece (a.o. focus on Arts & Culture, Education/Europe)

Rockefeller Foundation, New York/USA (a.o. focus on Arts & Culture, Education, Science)

Soros-Open Society Institute, New York/USA (a.o. focus on Art & Culture, Education Science)

More funders on international and national level, with complete addresses and additional notes, are included in the new Internet database of ETN.

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European Capitals of Culture

2014 Riga/LV (www.liveriga.com/en/5727)
  Umeå/S (http://umea2014.se/sv/)
2015 Mons/B (www.mons2015.eu/en/mons-2015/the-european-capital-of-culture/)
  Pilsen/PL (www.pilsen.eu/citizen/about-the-city/city-projects/european-capital-of-culture/)
2016 San Sebastian/E (www.donostiakultura.com/index.php?option=com_flexicontent&view=items&cid=10227&Itemid=405&lang=en)
2017 Aarhus/DK (http://www.aarhus.dk/sitecore/content/Subsites/CityOfAarhus/Home/The-international-perspective/Large-development-projects/European-City-of-Culture-2017.aspx?sc_lang=da)
  Paphos/CY (www.pafoshoteliers.com/Paphos-2017-European-Capital-of-Culture)
2018 Valletta/M (www.valetta2018.org/about/quick-guide)

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Culture and education in Europe

The Directorate for education and culture of the European Union (EU DG X) http://ec.europa.eu/dgs/education_culture/index_en.html
E-mail (for culture): eac-culture@ec.europa.eu

DG X, Education and Training, http://ec.europa.eu/education/index_en.html
E-mail (for education): info@ec.europa.eu

EU DG X contacts for cultural and educational programmes in European countries and some more information
(The contact points for culture and the educational programmes COMENIUS, LEONARDO, ERASMUS & GRUNDTVIG are not intended for use by the general public, but rather as a source of information and documentation for specific use by professionals.)

Austria Belgium Bulgaria Cyprus Czech Rep. Germany Denmark Spain Estonia France Finland Liechtenstein Greece Hungary Italy Iceland Luxemburg Latvia Lithuania Macedonia Malta Norway Netherlands Portugal Poland Romania SerbiaSlovenia SlovakiaSweden Turkey United Kingdom


Cultural Contact Point Austria, c/o Bundesministerium für Unterricht, Kunst und Kultur, Ms Elisabeth Pacher, Minoritenplatz 3, A-1014 Wien; tel: +43-1/531157692; fax +43-1/531157694; e-mail: elisabeth.pacher@bmukk.gv.at; http://www.ccp-austria.at (21498)

Leonardo, Nationalagentur Österreich, Mr Ernst Gesslbauer, Schottengasse 4, A-1010 Wien; tel: +43-1/5324726; fax: /532472680; e-mail: info@leonardodavinci.at (s.u.) (25482)

Comenius + Erasmus + Grundtvig, Sokrates Nationalagentur Österreich, Schreyvogelgasse 2, A-1010 Wien; e-mail: office@sokrates.at; http://www.lebenslanges-lernen.at (25484)



Cultuur Contactpunt Vlaanderen, Ms Gudrun Heymans, Arendbergstaat 9, B-1000 Brussels; tel: +32-2/5530659; fax: /5536959; e-mail: cultuurcontactpunt@vlaanderen.be; http://www.cjsm.vlaanderen.be (18702)

Point Culture Contact Wallonie-Bruxelles, 18 bte 13 Place Flagey, B-1050 Brussels; Ms Stéphanie Pécourt, tel: +32-2/2193908; fax: /2194574; e-mail: wbt@online.be; http://www.pcceurope.be (18703)

Vlaams Leonardo da Vinci Agentschap, Bischoffheimlaan 27/bus 3, B-1000 Brussels; tel: +32-2/2196500; fax: /2191202; e-mail: agentschap@vl-leonardo.be (25485)

Comenius + Erasmus + Grundtvig, Vlaams Agentschap, Koning Albert II-Laan 15, B-1210 Brussels; e-mail (Comenius): nina.mares@ond.vlaanderen.be; e-mail (Erasmus): johan.geentjens@ond.vlaanderen.be; e-mail (Grundtvig): renilde.reynders@ond.vlaanderen.be; http://www.ond.vlaanderen.be/socrates (25486)

Agence Nationale Leonardo da Vinci, Fonds Social européen, Chaussée de Charlesroi 111, B-1060 Brussels; tel: +32-2/2343969; fax: /2343994; e-mail: info.leonardo@fse.be (25487)

Erasmus, Agence francophone belge, Place du Parc 20, B-7000 Mons; tel: +32-65/373660; fax: /373662; e-mail: agence.erasmus@umh.ac.be (25488)

Comenius + Grundtvig, Cellule Socrates, Ministère de la Communauté française, Bl. Léopold II 44, B-1080 Brussels; tel: +32-2/4134040; fax: /4134042; e-mail: socrates@cfwb.be; http://www.cfwb.be/socrates (25489)

Comenius + Leonardo + Grundtvig, Agentur für EU-Bildungsprogramme, Min. d. Deutschsprachigen Gemeinschaft, Gospert 1, B-4700 Eupen; tel: +32-87/789623; fax: /557716; e-mail (Leonardo): joseph.ganser@dgov.be; e-mail (Comenius + Grundtvig): suzanne.kuechenberg@dgov.be; http://www.dglive.be (25490)



Cultural Contact Point Bulgaria, Ms Daniela Kaneva, Ms Tsveta Andreeva, 17 Al. Stamboliiski Blvd., BG-1040 Sofia, Bulgaria; tel: +359-2/9400915, +359-2/9400917; fax /9807401; e-mail:d.kaneva@mc.government.bg, c.andreeva@mc.government.bg; http://www.mc.government.bg (25407)

Comenius + Leonardo + Erasmus + Grundtvig, Human Resource Centre, 15, Graf Ignatiev Street/4th floor, BG-1000 Sofia; e-mail (Comenius): socrates@hrdc.bg; e-mail (Leonardo): leonardo@hrdc.bg; e-mail (Erasmus): adi@hrdc.bg; e-mail (Grundtvig): evgeny@hrdc.bg; http://socrates.hrdc.bg (25491)



Cultural Contact Point Cyprus, 1, Laras str., CY-7040 Voroclini, Larnaca; Mr Eleftherios Loizou, tel: +357-24/815280; fax: /636817; e-mail: eloizou@anetel.com; http://www.anetel.com(25405)

Leonardo da Vinci National Agency, Allipoleos Avenue, CY-1679 Nicosia; tel: +357-2/806110; fax: /376872; e-mail: kepaky@cytanet.com.cy (25492)

Comenius + Erasmus + Grundtvig, Socrates National Coordination Unit, Ministry of Education and Culture, Kimonos and Thoukydid Street, CY-1434 Nicosia; e-mail: minedu@cytanet.com.cy; http://www.moec.gov.cy (25493)


CZ-Czech Republic

Cultural Contact Point Czech Republic, Arts Institute/Theatre Institute, Ms Eva Zákova, Celetná 17, CZ-11000 Praha 1, Czech Republic; tel: +420-2/2480 9134; fax: 2326 121; e-mail: info@programculture.cz; http://www.culture2000.cz (20344)

State Institute for the Preservation of the Cultural Heritage, Ms Eva Lukásová, Valdstejnské nám. 4, CZ-11801 Praha 1, Czech Republic; tel: +420-2/5701 0249; fax: /5701 0248; e-mail: culture2000heritage@up.npu.cz; http://www.npu.cz/html/culture2000heritage (cultural heritage only) (21502)

Leonardo da Vinci, Národní agentura, Opletalova 25, CZ-11000 Praha 1; tel: +420-2/24500520; fax: /24500502; e-mail: leonardo@nvf.cz (25494)

Comenius + Erasmus + Grundtvig, CSVS Socrates Office, U Licického séminare 13, CZ-11801 Praha 1; e-mail: info@socrates.cz; http://www.socrates.cz (25495)



Cultural Contact Point, Kulturpolitische Gesellschaft, Weberstr. 59A, D-53113 Bonn: Sabine Bornemann, tel: +49-228/2013527; fax: /2013529; e-mail: info@ccp-deutschland.de; http://www.ccp-deutschland.de (18707)

Kulturportal Deutschland, Graurheindorfer Str. 198, D-53117 Bonn; Dr. Annemarie Schlemper-Kubista, tel: +49-1888/6813653, fax: /6813874; e-mail: annemarie.schlemperkubista@bkm.bmi.bund400.de; http://www.kulturportal-deutschland.de (22059)

Deutsche kulturelle Auslandsbeziehungen (German international cultural relations); e-mail: info@deutsche-kultur-international.de; http://www.deutsche-kultur-international.de

Leonardo + Grundtvig, Nationale Agentur für Bildung beim BIBB, Robert-Schumann-Platz 3, D-53175 Bonn; tel: +49-228/1071608; e-mail (Leonardo): na@bibb.de; e-mail (Grundtvig): socrates@bibb.de; http://www.na-bibb.de (25496)

Leonardo + Erasmus, Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD), Kennedyallee 50/Pf. 200804, D-53175 Bonn; e-mail (Leonardo): leonardo@daad.de; e-mail (Erasmus): erasmus@daad.de; http://www.daad.de (18892)

Comenius, Pädagogischer Austauschdienst der Kultusministerkonferenz (PAD), Lennéstr. 6, D-53113 Bonn; tel: +49-228/501298; fax: /501259; e-mail: pad.comenius@kmk.org; http://www.kmk.org/pad.sokrates2/index.htm (25498)



Cultural Contact Point Damark, The Danish Arts Agency, H.C. Andersens Boulevard 2, DK-1553 København K; tel: +45/33744599; fax: /33744545; e-mail: mahuda@kunst.dk; http://kum.dk/om-ministeriet/organisation-og-institutioner/andre-institutioner/cultural-contact-point-danmark/ (18704)

Danish Ministry of Culture, Nybrogade 2/P.O. Box 2140, DK-1015 København K; tel: +45-33923370; e-mail: kum@kum.dk; http://www.kum.dk (18837)

CIRIUS - The Danish Centre for Intl. Cooperation and Mobility in Education and Training, Fiolstraede 44, DK-1171 København K; e-mail: cirius@ciriusmail.dk; http://www.ciriusonline.dk (25499)



Cultural Contact Point, Ministerio de Cultura, Dirección General de cooperición y commumación cultural, Secrataria de Estado de Cultura, Mr Augusto Paramio Nieto, Plaza del Rey 1, E-28004 Madrid, tel: +34-9/17017115; fax: 17017219; e-mail: pcc.cultura@mcu.es; http://www.mcu.es (18716)

Leonardo da Vinci Agencia Española, General Oráa 55, E-28006 Madrid; tel: +34-9/17459415; fax: /17459424; e-mail: agencia.leonardo@mec.es; (25500)

Erasmus Agencia Española, Consejo de Coordinacion Universitaria, Ciudad Universitaria s/n, E-28040 Madrid; tel: +34-91/4539800; fax: /4539885; e-mail: erasmus@mec.es (25501)

Comenius + Grundtvig, Agencia Nacional Sócrates, Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte, Paseo del Prato 28-1°, E-28014 Madrid; e-mail: a.socrates@mec.es; (25502)



Cultural Contact Point, Estonian Theatre Agency, Ms Marion Ründal, Väike-Karja 12 (III korrus), EE-10140 Tallinn, Estonia; tel: +372-6/282330; fax: /282344; e-mail: ccp@einst.ee; http://culture360.org/organistion/cultural-contact-point-estonia (21503)

Leonardo da Vinci Estonian National Agency, Liivalaia 2, EE-10118 Tallinn; tel: +372-6/998070; fax: /998081; e-mail: leonardo@innove.ee; http://www.innove.ee (25503)

Comenius + Erasmus + Grundtvig, Socrates Estonian National Agency, Foundation Archimedes, Koidula 13a, EE-10125 Tallinn; e-mail (Erasmus): kai@archimedes.ee; e-mail: socrates@archimedes.ee; http://www.socrates.ee (25504)



Relais Culture Europe, 132 rue du Faubourg Saint Denis, F-75010 Paris: Mr Pascal Brunet, tel: +33-1/53409517; fax: /53409519; e-mail: info@relais-culture-europe.org; http://www.relais-culture-europe.org (18706)

Ministère de la culture et de la communication, 3 rue de Valois, F-75001 Paris; tel: +33-1/40158000; fax: /40157913; http://www.culturecommunication.gouv.fr (21337)

Leonardo + Grundtvig, Agence Socrates, 25 quai des Chartrons, F-33080 Bordeaux Cedex; tel: +33/556009400; e-mail (Comenius): enseignement.scolaire@socrates-leonardo.fr; e-mail (Leonardo): estelle.duprat@socrates-leonardo.fr; e-mail (Erasmus): enseignement.superieur@socrates-leonardo.fr; e-mail (Grundtvig): sandrine.dickel@socrates-leonardo.fr; http://www.socrates-leonardo.fr (25505)



Cultural Contact Point, Centre for International Mobility CIMO PL/PB 343, Ms Hanna Hietaluoma-Hanin, Hakaniemenranta 6, FIN-00531 Helsinki; tel: +358/207868509; fax /207868601; e-mail: ccp@cimo.fi; http://www.cimo.fi (18705)

Centre for International Mobility (CIMO), Hakaniemenkatu 2, FIN-00530 Helsinki; e-mail (Comenius): sokrates@cimo.fi; e-mail (Leonardo): mikko.nupponen@cimo.fi; e-mail (Erasmus): juha.ketotainen@cimo.fi; e-mail (Grundtvig): eija.wilen@cimo.fi; http://www.cimo.fi (25506)



Leonardo Büro, Amt für Berufsbildung, Postplatz 2, FL-9494 Schaan, tel: +423/2367210; fax: /2367219; e-mail: werner.kranz@abb.liv.li (25507)

Erasmus-Sokrates Büro, Schulamt, Anstr. 79, FL-9490 Vaduz; tel: +423/752366782; fax: /752366771; e-mail: nadine.batlinger@sa.llv.li (25508)

Comenius + Grundvig, Sokrates Büro, Herrengasse 2, FL-9490 Vaduz; tel: +423/2366758; fax: /2366771; http://www.lichtenstein.li (25509)



Cultural Contact Point, Ministère de la Culture, Direction des Affaires européennes, 17, rue Ermou, GR-10563 Athenai; Ms Karanikola Evaggelia; tel: +30-210/3230293; fax: /3310796; e-mail: ccp.greece@culture.gr; http://www.ccp.culture.gr (18708)

Leonardo, Vocational Training S.A., 140 G. Lyra Street, GR-14564 N. Kifisia/Athenai; tel: +30-210/6245300; fax: /6253623; e-mail: leonardo@ep-katartisi.gr; http://www.ep-katartisi.gr/leonardo (25510)

Unit for EU Programmes, Directorate of Special Programmes and Intl. Scholarships, Lyssicratous 14, GR-10558 Athenai; fax: +30-210/3312759; e-mail (Comenius): socrates@iky.gr; e-mail (Erasmus): erasmus@iky.gr; e-mail (Grundtvig): ngrsoc.sarri.georpia@nety.cec.eu.int; http://www.iky.gr (25511)


H - Hungary

Cultural Contact Point, Kultúr Pont Iroda, Mr Attila Zongor, Kazinczy u. 24-26, H-1075 Budapest, tel: +36-1/4137565; fax: /4137574; e-mail: info@kulturpont.hu; http://www.kulturpont.hu (20353)

Comenius + Leonardo + Grundtvig, Tempus Public Foundation, Duna Office Center, Vaci utca 37, 7th floor, H-1134 Budapest; tel: +36-1/2371300; fax: /2391329; e-mail (Leonardo): leonardo@tpf.hu; e-mail (Comenius + Grundtvig): socrates@tpf.hu; http://www.tpf.hu (25512)



Antenna Culturale Europea, c/o Istituto Universitario di Studi Europei di Torino, Piazza Castello 9, I-10123 Torino: Ms Marcella Mondini, tel: +390-11/547208; fax: /548252; e-mail: info@antennaculturale.it; http://www.antennaculturale.it (18711)

Leonardo ISFOL, Via G.B. Morgagni 30/e, I-00161 Roma; tel: +390-6/445901; fax: /44590475; e-mail: leoprojet@isfol.it (25513)

Erasmus, Agenzia Nazionale Socrates, Via delle Montagne Riocciose 60, I-00144 Roma; tel: +390-6/54210483; fax: /54210479; e-mail: erasmus@indire.it; http://www.bdp.it (25514)

Comenius + Grundtvig, INDIRE, Via Nardo Di Cione 22, I-50121 Firenze; tel: +390-55/2380337; fax: /2380334; e-mail (Comenius): comenius1@indire.it; e-mail: grundtvig@indire.it; http://www.indire.it (25515)



Cultural Contact Point, The Arts Council, Ms Katie Lowry, 70 Merrion Square, IRL-Dublin 2; tel: +353-1/6180200; fax: /6761302; e-mail: katie.lowry@artscouncil.ie; http://www.ccp.ie (18709)

Comenius + Leonardo da Vinci + Grundtvig National Agency, LEARGAS, Avoca House/189-193 Parnell Street, IRL-Dublin 1; tel: +353-1/8731411; fax: /8731316; e-mail: leonardo@leargas.ie; e-mail (Comenius + Grundtvig): education@leargas.ie; http://www.leargas.ie (25516)

Erasmus National Agency, HEA-Higher Education Authority, Marine House/Clanwilliam Court, IRL-Dublin 2; tel: +353-1/6612748; fax: /6610492; e-mail: mkerr@hea.ie; http://www.hea.ie (25517)



Cultural Contact Point Iceland, Tungata 14, IS-101 Reykjavik: Ms Svanbjörg Einarsdóttir, tel: +354/5626388; fax: /5627171; e-mail: info@evropumenning.is; http://www.evropumenning.is (18710)

Ministry of Education, Science and Culture, Sölvhólsgata 4, IS-Reykjavik; tel: +354-5459500; fax: /5623068; http://eng.menntamalaraduneyti.is (19584)

Leonardo, Research Liaison Office, University of Iceland, Dunhagi 5, 15-107 Reykjavik; tel: +354/5254900; fax: /5528801; e-mail: rthj@rthj.hi.is; http://www.leonardo.is (25518)

Comenius + Erasmus + Grundtvig, Socrates National Agency, Office of Intl. Education, Neshagi 16, IS-107 Reykjavik; fax: +354/5255850; e-mail (Erasmus): karitas@hi.is; e-mail (Comenius + Grundtvig): rz@rhi.hi.is; http://www.ask.hi.is (25519)



Relais Culture Europe-Luxembourg, B.P.267, LU-2012 Luxembourg; http://www.programme-culture.lu(18712)



Cultural Contact Point, Ministry of Culture, Ms Laura Turlaja, 11a K. Valdemara Str., LV-1364 Riga, Latvia; tel: +371-7/228 330; fax: /227 916; e-mail: laura.turlaja@km.gov.lv; http://www.km.gov.lv (21504)

Leonardo, Vocational Education Development Agency, Valnu Iela 1, LV-1050 Riga; tel: +371-7/830834; fax: /830830; http://www.lrkm.lt/go.php/en/IMG

Comenius + Erasmus + Grundtvig, Academic Programme Agency, Blaumana iela 28, LV-1011 Riga; fax: +371-7/280108; e-mail: socrates@apa.lv; http://www.apa.lv (25524)



Lithuanian CCP, Europos Kulturos programu centras, Ms Milda Lauzikaite, J. Basanaviciaus 5, LT-01118 Vilnius, Lithuania; tel: +370-52/612 921; fax: /612921; e-mail: belskit@durys.org; http://www.durys.org (20362)

Ministry of Culture, J. Basanaviciaus 5, LT-2683 Vilnius; tel: +370-52/610458; fax: /220886; e-mail: culture@muza.lt; http://www.muza.lt (21338)

Leonardo + Erasmus + Grundtvig Programme, Coordination Support Foundation, Gelezinio Vilco Street 12, LT-2600 Vilnius; e-mail: comenius@socrates.lt; e-mail: leonardo@leonardo.lt; http://www.leonardo.lt; e-mail: erasmus@socrates.lt; e-mail (Grundtvig): socrates@socrates.lt; http://www.socrates.lt (25525)



Cultural Contact Point, Ministry of Culture, Gjuro Gjakovich, No. 61, MK-1000 Skopje, FYRO Macodenia; Ms Biljana Prentovska, tel: +389-2/3240592; fax: /3240561; e-mail: prentovska@kultura.gov.mk; http://www.kultura.gov.mk



Cultural Contact Point, Ministry for Tourism and Culture, Merchants Street, M-Valetta CMR 02; Ms Andrea Scorcia, tel: +356-22/915044; fax: /915068; e-mail: andrea.scorcia@gov.mt; http://www.culture.org.mt (18967)

Leonardo + Erasmus + Grundtvig, European Union Programmes Unit, 36 Old Mint Street, M-Valetta VLT 12; e-mail (Leonardo): joseph.lynn-macallef@gov.mt; e-mail (Comenius + Erasmus + Grundtvig): eupu@gov.mt (25526); http://www.gov.mk



Central Contact Point, Norsk Kulturrad, Grev Wedels Plass 1, N-0102 Oslo: Ms Astrid Bjerke, tel: +47/22478330; fax: /22334042; e-mail: astrid.bjerke@kulturrad.no; http://www.kulturrad.no/eus-kulturprogram (18713)

Culture Net Norway, National Library/Rana div., NO-8607 Mo i Rana; Mr Stig Bang, tel: +47/75121370; fax: /75121222; e-mail: stig.bang@kulturnett.no; http://www.culturenet.no (22021)

Leonardo da Vinci, Teknologisk Institut, Akersvelen 24c, N-0131 Oslo; tel: +47/91755126; fax: /22201801 (25527)

Comenius + Erasmus + Grundtvig, Centre of Intl. University Cooperation, Vaskerelven 39/P.O Box 7800, N-5020 Bergen; tel: +47/55308800; fax: /55308801; e-mail: siu@siu.no; http://www.siu.no (25528)



Cultural Contact Point, CCP/SICA, Ms Marieke van den Hoogen, Keizergracht 324, NL-1016 EZ Amsterdam; tel: 31-20/6164225; fax: /6128152; e-mail: ccpnl@sica.nl; http://www.sica.nl/ccp (18714)

Leonardo da Vinci Nationaal Agentschap, Pettelaarpark 1, NL-5216 PC s'Hertogenbosch; tel: +31-73/6800762; fax: /6123425; e-mail: na@leonardodavinci.nl (25529)

Erasmus, Nuffic/Dutch National Agency for Socrates, Kortenaerkade 11, NL-2502 LT Den Haag; tel: +31-70/4260257; fax: /4260259; e-mail: socrates@nuffic.nl; http://www.nuffic.nl (25530)

Comenius + Grundtvig, Europees platform voor het Nederlandse Onderwijs, Bezuidenhoutseweg 253, NL-2594 AM Den Haag; tel: +31-70/3814448; fax: /3831958; e-mail: dependence@europeesplatform.nl; http://www.europeesplatform.nl (25531)



Cultural Contact Point, GEPAC-Secretary of State for Culture, P-1070 085 Lisboa http://www.gepac.gov.pt/pcc

Leonardo + Erasmus + Grundtvig Agência Nacional, Avenida Infante Santo 2-7°, P-1350-178 Lisboa; tel: +351-21/3944700; fax: /3944737; e-mail (Comenius): comenius@socleo.pt; e-mail (Leonardo): geral@socleo.pt; e-mail (Erasmus): erasmus@socleo.pt; e-mail (Grundtvig): grundtvig@socleo.pt; http://www.socleo.pt (25532)



Cultural Contact Point, Instytut Adama Mickiewicza, ul. Mokotowska 25, PL-00-560 Warszawa; tel: +48-22/4476170; fax: /4476171; e-mail: pkk.kultura@mkidn.gov.pl; http://www.mkidn.gov.pl/pkk (21764)

Leonardo da Vinci National Coordination Unit, Gornoslaska 4a, PL-00-444 Warszawa; tel: +48-22/6253937; fax: /6252805; e-mail: gosiar@cofund.org.pl (25533)

Comenius + Erasmus + Grundtvig, National Sokrates Programme Agency, ul. Mokotowska 43, PL-00-551 Warszawa; e-mail (Erasmus): erasmus@socrates.org.pl; e-mail (Comenius + Grundtvig): socrates@socrates.org.pl; http://www.socrates.org.pl (25534)



Cultural Contact Point, Consultancy Centre for European Cultural Programmes (CCECP), 57 Barbu Delavrancea St., floor 1, Sector 1, RO-011353 Bucuresti, Ms Mioara Lujanschi; tel: +40-21/3166060; fax: /3166061; e-mail: info_c2k@eurocult.ro; http://www.cultura2000.ro

Comenius + Leonardo + Erasmus + Grundtvig, Agentia Nationale Socrates, Bd. Schitul Magureanu nr. 1-et. 2/Sector 5, RO-050025 Bucuresti; tel: +40-21/3112505; fax: /3113500; e-mail (Leonardo): info@leonardo.ro; e-mail (Erasmus): florinpopa@socrates.ro; e-mail (Comenius + Grundtvig): agentie@socrates.ro; http://www.socrates.ro (25535)



Cultural Contact Point, Tacka kulturnog kontakta, Center for Study in Cultural Development, Rige od Fere 4, SCG-11000 Belgrade, Ms Lola Joksimovic; tel: +381-11/2910704; fax: /2910702; e-mail: office@ccp-serbia.org; http://www.ccp-serbia.org (19247)



Cultural Contact Point, Savod SCCA, Metelkova 6, SI-1000 Ljubljana; tel: +386-1/4318385; fax: /4300629; e-mail: ccp@scca-ljubljana.si; http://www.ccp.si (19247)

Comenius + Leonardo + Erasmus + Grundtvig, CMEPIUS - Centre for Educational and Training Programmes, Ob Zeleznici 16, SI-1000 Ljubljana; e-mail (Leonardo): leonardo@cmepius.si; e-mail (Erasmus): neza.pajnic@cpi.si; e-mail (Comenius + Grundtvig): socrates@cmepius.si; http://www.cmepius.si (25536)



CCP, Theatre Institute, Jakubovo nam. 12, SK-81357 Bratislava; Ms Zora Jaurova, tel: +421-2/52632871; fax: /52632873; e-mail: ccp@ccp.sk; http://www.ccp.sk (21766)

Comenius + Leonardo + Erasmus + Grundtvig National Agency, SAAIC, Staré Grunty 52, SK-84244 Bratislava; fax: +421-2/65424483; e-mail (Leonardo): leonardo@saaic.sk; e-mail (Erasmus): filk@saaic.sk; e-mail (Comenius + Grundtvig): socrates@saaic.sk; http://www.saaic.sk (25537)



Cultural Contact Point, Cultural activities and literature, Swedish Arts Council, P.O.Box 27215, S-10253 Stockholm; Ms Monika Lindqvist, tel: +46-8/51926415; fax: /51926499; e-mail: ccp@kulturradet.se; http://www.kulturradet.se (for artistic projects only) (18717)

Swedish National Heritage Board, Ms Kersti Berggren, P.O. Box 5405, S-11484 Stockholm; tel: +46-8/51918048; fax: /51918595; e-mail: ccp@raa.se; http://www.raa.se (for heritage only) (18718)

Comenius + Leonardo + Erasmus + Grundtvig, Intl. Programme Office for Education and Training, Kungsbroplan 3A/P.O. Box 22007, S-10422 Stockholm; tel: +46-8/4537200; fax: /4537201; e-mail (Leonardo): leonardo@programkontoret.se; e-mail (Erasmus): margareta.sandewall@programkontoret.se; e-mail (Comenius + Grundtvig): info@programkontoret.se; http://www.programkontoret.se (25538)



Cultural Contact Point, Ismet Inönü Bulvari No. 5 Oda: 107 - 108, TR-06100 Ankara/Emek; Mr Hale Ural; tel: +90-312/2128384; fax: /2123788; e-mail: mailto:ccpturkey@gmail.com; http://ccp.kulturturizm.gov.tr (25406)

Comenius + Leonardo + Grundtvig, Centre for EU Education and Youth Programmes, Hüseyin Rahmi Gürpinar Sokak no. 2, TR-06680 Ankara/Çankaya; fax: +90-31/24096009; e-mail (Comenius): baskanlik@ua.gov.tr; http://www.ua.gov.tr; e-mail (Leonardo): idemirer@leonardo.gov.tr; http://www.leonardo.gov.tr; e-mail (Grundtvig): hersoy@ua.gov.tr; http://www.socrates.gov.tr (25539)


UK-United Kingdom

Central Contact Point, Euclid International, 85-89 Duke Street, Liverpool L1 5AP; Mr Geoffrey Brown, tel: +44-161/2453236; fax: +44-161/2453322; e-mail: info@euclid.info; http://www.culturefund.eu (18719)

Arts Council of England and Great Britain, 14 Great Peter Street, London SW1P 3NQ; tel: +44-20/73330100; fax: /79736590; e-mail: enquiries@artscouncil.org.uk; http://www.artscouncil.org.uk (17976)

Leonardo Unit, British Council, 10 Spring Gardens, UK-London SW1A 2BN; tel: +44-20/73894389; fax: /73894426; e-mail: leonardo@britishcouncil.org; http://www.leonardo.org.uk (25540)

Socrates Erasmus Council, Rothford, Giles Lane, UK-Canterbury, Kent CT2 7LR; tel: +44-1227/762712; fax: /762711; e-mail: info@erasmus.ac.uk; http://www.erasmus.ac.uk (25541)

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