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PfeilNotes of Textile Forum Magazine

Textile Forum (English edition): ISSN 1431-3529
published 4 x per year (until December 2013)

Publisher: Textil-Forum-Service/Dietmar Laue, Hannover

Editors: Dietmar Laue
P.O. Box 59 44 (Friedenstr. 5), D-30059 (30175) Hannover, Germany
Phone: +49-511/817007
Fax: +49-511/813108
E-mail: tfs@tfs-etn.com

Co-editor: ETN - European Textile Network, Strasbourg

Translator: Susanne Mattern, Karben/Germany

Single magazine (old issues): Euro 6.- plus postage

Reprinting is only permitted with the prior permission of the editors and should include detailed reference. Signed articles do not necessarily correspond to the views of the editorial staff. The publishing house does not accept responsibility for unsolicited manuscripts. Place of fulfilment and legal venue is Hannover.

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Notes of Textile Forum Magazine

TEXTILE FORUM had enabled people to make professional contacts and to exchange information and experiences despite national, ethnical, social and cultural confinements. The magazine reported on exhibitions, conferences, symposia, competitions, further education, fairs and markets in Europe and overseas. It provided information about projects, reports on their themes, their aims and opportunities to take part in them and was supplying dates, names and addresses. Many contributions were linked on the internet with the authors', organisers' and/or producers' own websites. Readers were thus assisted in further research.

TEXTILE FORUM had broadened its readers' understanding of particular fields of research, development and practice. The magazine gave authors working innovatively in their various fields an opportunity to speak, for example, about everyday life aesthetics, historical contexts, new production and distribution methods, teaching and learning methods and also about questions concerning the development of art and design.

TEXTILE FORUM gave its readers access to the international media i.e. magazines, books, exhibition catalogues, informal publications etc. The magazine included regular book reviews and an overview of new books.

TEXTILE FORUM was offering, above all, a platform for discussions and aimed to promote cross-cultural and interregional dialogue. It had helped to clarify points of view in order to contribute to the wealth of textile culture in European regions. The magazine had to builded bridges between people in the various textile fields and helped to make it easier for its readers to meet others, to communicate and to work together.

TEXTILE FORUM had a long tradition. There had been a German edition of the magazine since 1982. It had readers from many countries all over the world. Since 1994 Textile Forum also had been published in English, continuously expanding its scope by foreign readers and correspondents. The co-operation with other magazines and specialised associations was improved essentially.

The European Textile Network had been co-editor of the magazine since the foundation of the ETN Association in 1993. Together ETN and TEXTILE FORUM were building up new links for the international media in the field of textiles, e.g. through the extensive ETN website with its online database providing events and addresses. This had improved the basis of information of national specialist journals.

TEXTILE FORUM readers were the first to receive information and if they became members of ETN they had the opportunity to subscribe to the magazine at a reduced price.

TEXTILE FORUM had offered organizers and authors from all over the world an opportunity to publish dates and articles accompanied by visuals. All authors' rights for written and visual materials were reserved.