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TF 3/2007 Digital//Craft

English edition

Title: Graduation piece by Heather Visser, supervision by Eugene van Veldhoven, The Hague

TF: 56 pages, 40 high quality colour pages, A4-format
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Brief notes (pp. 2)
TF Regional (pp. 2-5)
Reports (pp. 6-13)
Preview (pp. 14-17)
MAIN TOPIC (pp. 18-39)
Special Reports (pp. 40-42)
Books (pp.43)
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Brief notes


A Silk Museum for Tours/France

Addendum to “Shopping in London”

The Embroiderers Guild remains in Hampton Court Palace

Textile Art Gallery in Salzburg

Weavers Studio Ressource in India
Weavers Studio



TF Regional (A, CH, D)


Bramsche Museum of Clothmaking Decennial

The Textile Art Thuringia (TAT) group

Manu Factum 2007, North Rhine-Westphalian Crafts

Two messages – One World, exhibition in Reinach/CH

Hatshow at Neuburg Palace at the Danube

Exhibition of fans in Dormagen/D

Barbara Schneider: Success at the online exhibitions „Our World Cultures“/USA

Textile Market at Benediktbeuern

100 Years of „Deutscher Werkbund“

Mascha Mioni: Pictures and Dress, exhibition in Trun/CH

14th Market for traditional dress in Greding/D


„Art Cloth“ – Jane Dunnewold/USA in Munich

100 Years of Herding Spinning Mill
Bocholt Textile Museum

New magazine for felters: „VerFilzt Und zugeNäht (FUN)“

Vacancies in handweaving training courses
Kisslegg Weaving Workshop

Education: Creators in trade
Munich Akademie für Gestaltung

Dirndls, hests and Edelweiß – The folk art of the Wallach brothers
Jewish Museum of Munich

Woven pieces: From rough to smooth
Dübendorf Town Gallery




The London New Designers textile exhibition 2007, report: Paula Ashbrooke


The BA Hons Course for Interiors & Products at the London Metropolitan University, report: Paula Ashbrooke

Barbara Esser: Pick-up double weave
Textile Art Portal


‘Nine Irsee lenten veils restored
Bayerisches Landesamt für Denkmalpflege

Feltrosa 2- A meeting for felters in Italy, report: Eva Basile


25 Years American Tapestry Alliance

The travelling exhibition „Threads unite women“, through France, Switzerland und Germany

The exhibition „Textile Transporter“ in Berlin  

3rd European Textile and Fibre Art Triennial „Global Intrigue“ in Latvia, report: Jennifer Harris


The project "Nord-Balt-Textile-Art"


12th International Triennial of Tapestry in Lodz/Poland, report: Thomas Cronenberg




Textile Forum magazine is known for its complete quarterly calendar. For the fourth quarter of 2007, 123 current exhibitions are listed, 37 specialized meetings respectively further educational opportunities and 17 competitions. The special pages for Germany, Austria and Switzerland have a calendar of more than 58 additional exhibitions, meetings/courses, competitions and fairs/markets.
(Up-to-date event overview see Calendar/ETN Database)



14 ,Admiralty Needle' in St. Petersburg

Modulor – St. Petersburg Design Biennial

Talents 2008
Handwerkskammer für München und Oberbayern

European TUTA Award – The Overall: A Challenge for the Future
Prato Textile Museum

6th International Tapestry Triennial, Tournay

13th International Lace Biennial

Silk Painting Contest
German Kunstverein Seide


Two natural dye conferences in Vienna
Institut für Kunst & Technologie

Textile Art Summer Academy in Kaunas/LT

7th International Conference & Exhibition 'Skythia'


The exhibition „Miniartextil 2007“ in Como, preview: Beatrijs Sterk


"Interwoven – Tapestry at Patworth 2007" in the UK
Patworth House

Textiles from Klimt’s Vienna, exhibition in Washington/USA

Vuokko Nurmesniemi, exhibition in Helsinki

Akiko Kotani in Barcelona

‚Ensemble’ – exhibition of French and German textile artists in Lyon

Fan exhibition in the State Museum of History of St. Petersburg

Two Facets of Paper, exhibition in Geldrop/NL  


‚Together: The Birds and Us’, exhibition in New York

Quilt Art 22 'Under Construction'

Batik exhibitions in Cracow/PL

‘Chemises Prétextes’, exhibition in Alsace
Wesserling Textile Museum

Explorations in textile printing
Printworks Trust


MAIN TOPIC: Digital//Draft


Humanising the Digital

Part 1: Aestetics by Sarah E. Braddock Clarke  

20 Part 2: Working practice,by Marie O’Mahony

The Digital Manufacturing Centre (DMC) at the London Metropolitan University
Metropolitan Works

‚On the Fringe“ – An Interim Report, by Paula Ashbrooke

25 3D Clothing Design: The Vidya Programme,by Larry H. Preusser

Loop.pH Design: Research & Fabrication
Loop.pH Online


Case Studies in Digital Textile Printing,by Philip Delamore


FOC Textiles, or: The Conservatism of the Fashion Industry
Freedom of Creation


Jump for Joy: Digital Weaving, by Bhakti Ziek

33 Laser Processing of Textiles, by Janette Matthews
35 Digital Embroidery – Craft and Technology, Education and Industry, by Polly Kenny

Eugene van Veldhoven and his Students, by Beatrijs Sterk


Special Reports

40 The ‚Lay Masaka’ of Majunga Province at Madagascar, by Andreé Mathilde Etheve

Maiwa Handprints Ltd., ist foundation and textile symposium, by Tim McLaughlin
Maiwa Handprints


Progress in clothing physiology over the past 5,000 years, summary by Dietmar Laue
Südwestdeutscher Rundfunk
Der Stern




Radical Lace & Subversive Knitting, David Revere McFadden, New York 2007

Embroidery from Palestine, Shelagh Weir, London 2006

American Tapestry Biennial 6 (catalogue), ATA Edition 2007

Art Textiles of the World: Australia 2, Brighton/UK 2007



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The Knitting and Stitching Show


49 Wearable Expressions 2008

Studio Art Quilt Associates

Surface Design Association

Quilt Art 22 - Under Construction


The Journal for Weavers, Spinners and Dyers

Hand & Lock International Conference

Digital Weaving Norway



Art of the Stitch


Textile Fibre Forum


Handweberei Kissleg

Anna Warsow, Garne

Quilt Star, Galerie für Textilkunst

Quilt et Textilkunst

Webstuhlmanufaktur Rudi Künzl


Schule für Gestaltung Basel


Fondazione Arte della Seta

Textilmarkt Benediktbeuern

Sautter + Lackmann, Fachbuchhandlung

Arm AG, Webstühle

Burkhard-Dreier AG

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