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TF 3/2001 Textile Art Events 2001

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TF: 56 pages, 16 high quality colour pages, A4 format
Most of the articles are presented with complete contact addresses.

Textile Art Events 2001

The State of Textile Art in 2001, by Beatrijs Sterk

The 2001 ETN Conference - Riga, revisited ten years later, by Beatrijs Sterk

Karpit-Tapestry, an exhibition in Hungary

The 10th International Tapestry Triennial in Lodz / Poland, by Suhandan Özay

Triennial Impressions (Lodz), by Keiko Kawashima

Textural Space, a touring exhibition with works by Japanese textile artists, by Frances Geesin

Fiberart International

Art of the Stitch

Artistic Interconnections, a textile art exhibition in Modena / Italy

"Back to Your Own Roots" Paper pieces by Annica Stiernlöf

Textile Art in the Netherlands at Rijswijk Museum / NL

The 4th International Tournai Triennial - Textiles from the Netherlands, by Beatrijs Sterk

A Textile Contribution to the Special Exhibition "Talents 2001": Ute Wolff

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Preview of events

Calendar of international events

Textile Forum magazine is known for its complete quarterly calendar. For the fourth quarter of 2001, 139 current exhibitions are listed, 36 specialized meetings resp. further educational opportunities and 13 competitions.

Calendar of regional events

The special pages for Germany, Austria and Switzerland have a calendar of more than 58 additional exhibitions, meetings/courses, competitions and fairs/markets.

Some selected event previews

Seven contests and five specialised further educational opportunities resp. specialised meetings are noted in details, with their entry, submission resp. application conditions, dates and complete addresses. 

Exhibitions - Details and/or illustrated articles

Gothic Black Fashion, exhibition from 4 to 6 October 2001 in Heidelberg

"In Use", show staged by the Crafts Association of Northern Germany, from 7 Oct. to 4 Nov. 2001

Wearable Art - Lace as a source of inspiration, exhibition from 25. Sept. to 4. Nov. 2001 at Zeist Palace, The Netherlands

Captured in Pictures: Blue-Printing, exhibition from 7 June to January 2002 in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Embroidery Award - Winning pieces of competition at Forge Mill in Redditch / UK, from 7 July to 14 Oct. 2001

Fashion View - Results of a design competition, on show from 5 to 7 October 2001 in Gelsenkirchen, Germany

Textile Artist of the Year 2001, Ritva Puotila, election by the Finnish textile artists' association TEXO

Shibori - Tradition and Innovation, exhibition from 8 August to 25 Nov. 2001 in San Francisco

Flag project as part of the Jane Cameron Memorial exhibition in Heidelberg-Ziegelhausen, form 9 Sept. to 7 Oct. 2001

Jewellery at the Lous Martin Gallery, from 9 Sept. to 3 Nov. 2001 in Delft / Netherlands

Exhibition on textile printing, held in the Midi Pyrénées / France, from 1 to 30 Sept. 2001

Textiles from Israel, exhibition from 7 Sept. to 6 Oct. 2001, in Munich

Sachio Yoshioka in Munich, exhibition from 17 Oct. to 17 Nov. 2001 in Munich

Patrice Hugues, solo exhibition from 22 Sept. to 29. Nov. 2001 in Notre-Dame de Bondeville / France

Textile Production 2,500 Years Ago, exhibition from 13 July to 28 Oct. 2001 in Stuttgart

An important museum re-opens in France Musée d'Art et d'Industrie, St. Etienne, 7 December 2001

Berlin Thirties Fashion Photography, exhibition from 14 July to 15 Sept. 2001 in Lestans, Italy

Fashion from head to toe, 1750-2001, exhibition from 17 May 2001 to 17 February 2002 in Vienna

"Shield" by Hillu Liebelt, exhibition from 9 Dec. 2001 to 18 Jan. 2002 in Frankfurt/M

Contemporary European Quilts, exhibition from 8 Sept. 2001 to 2 Feb. 2002 in Breda, Netherlands

Paar Excellence: Jewellery & Textiles, by Pia Filliger and Erhard Nolte, from 10 June to 1 July 2001 in Rheine, Germany

Ursula Stürzinger's Water Fabrics, quilt exhibition from 4 Aug. to 16 Sept. 2001 in Switzerland

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Reports of selected events

6th Specialist Silk Congress in Rothenburg o.d. Tauber, Germany

100 Years of Textile Education in Möchengladbach, Germany

Basel Design School, this year's graduates show

Wenz Fashion Award, Germany

Manu Factum 2001, craft award presented by the German state of Northrhine-Westphalia

Fashion in Motion, show by the Korean artist and fashion designer Chunghie Lee in London

"Face to ..." - Installation , shown in the Finnish town of Rauma

5th Biennial of Miniature Textiles in Gdynia, Poland

Textile Techniques, Trends and Traditions, international conference and exhibition in Kherson, Ukraine

From the Thread to the Needle", exhibition in Laduz in Bourgogne in France

2001 Peugeot Design Award, London, UK

"Pick up the Pieces", exhibition by the Danish textile art group "Atelier 5 ½" in Odense, Denmark

Hat exhibition in Nijmegen, Netherlands

Moscow Textile Art, overview exhibition of textile art in the Central House of Artists in Moscow

Digital Images by Janis Jefferies, exhibition entitled "Selvedges" in Herts, UK

Jane Sauer, solo exhibition entitled "Impassionated Form" in Lincoln, USA

"In Honour of Historic Embroidery", exhibition with students' embroidery work in Bratislava, Slovakia

Hiroko Ando: Shibori, exhibition in Krefeld, Germany

Unwearable. Art as Sculpture, art exhibition at the Cologne Museum of Applied Art

Textiles at the 49th Venice Biennial, until 4th of November 2001, report by Renata Pompas

Special Reports

Kashmir Shawl Survival, by Peter Harris

Jacquard Experiments with Mandi Dittrich, Veronika Sochorova, Abbi Theakston, Kathy Schicker and Philippa Brock, by Beatrijs Sterk

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Other Subjects

Book reviews

Anni Albers, eds. Brenda Danilowitz, USA 2001

Lebenslauf von Textilien, eds. Arbeitgeberkreis Gesamttextil, Eschborn 2001

Modern Australian Tapestries from the Victorian Tapestry Workshop, eds. Sue Walker, Melbourne 2000

Tissu Patrice Hugues; Evreux / France 2000

The Art of the Loom - Weaving, Spinning & Dyeing across the world, Ann Hecht; London 2001

Printed and Dyed Textiles from Africa, John Gillow; London 2001

Textiles from Guatemala, Ann Hecht; London 2001

Embroidery from India and Pakistan, Sheila Paine, London 2001

Miao Textiles from China, Gina Corrigan, London 2001

Fabulous Creatures from the Desert Sands - Central Asian Woollen Textiles from the Second Century BC to the Second Century AD, eds. Dominik Keller & Regula Schorta; Arbegg-Stiftung, Riggisberg / CH 2001

Textile Art in Finland, ed. Tuula Poutasuo; Helsinki 2001

Ten Swedish Designers - Printed Patterns, Kerstin Wickman; Stockholm 2001

Brief notes

Devecot Tapestry Workshop closed, Edinburgh / UK

New Centre of Textile Art in Italy

New Centre of Digital Textile Printing, Philadelphia / USA

New address for the WCC

2001 Nordic Award of Textile Art, Borås / Sweden


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