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TF 4/2000 Textile Printing

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TF: 57 pages, 24 high quality colour pages, A4 format
Most of the articles are presented with complete contact addresses.

Textile Printing

Digital Airbrush Printing, by Dietmar Laue

Digital Printing for Images on Buildings, by Dietmar Laue

Textile Printing as Art, by Jane Dunnewold, Wilma Kuil, Hil Driessen and Patrice Hugues

Design Possibilities in Polyester, by Joy Boutrup

Textile Printing at Danmarks Designskole, by Joy Boutrup

Dye Sublimation Printing on Silk, by Joan Truckenbrod

Design for Digital Textile Printing, studies in the field of textiles at the Zurich University

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Preview of events

Calendar of international events

Textile Forum magazine is known for its complete quarterly calendar. For the first quarter of 2001, 158 current exhibitions are listened, 14 specialised meetings resp. further educational opportunities and 16 competitions.

Calendar of regional events

The special pages for Germany, Austria and Switzerland have a calendar of more than 56 additional exhibitions, meetings/courses, competitions and fairs/markets.

Some selected event previews

Seven contests and five specialised further educational opportunities resp. specialised meetings are noted in details, with their entry, submission resp. application conditions, dates and complete addresses.

Exhibitions - Detailes and/or illustrated articles

Major fashion event, on 26 May 2001 in Antwerp, in the framework of the new Fashion Centre's opening

Cristobal Balenciaga, retrospective of creations, from 10 Oct. 2000 to 7 Jan. 2001 in Munich

"textileArt-Quilt, Restrospective - Perspective?", exhibition from 25 Febr. to 29 April 2001 in Hofbieber-Kleinsassen/Germany

Twenties Fashion, exhibition from 11 Nov 2000 to 29 April 2001 on view at the Historic Museum St. Gallen/Switzerland

9th International Lace Biennial, from 21 Jan. to 22 April 2001 at the Heidelberg Textile Museum

10th International Tapestry Triennial in Lodz/Poland, exhibition from 28 June to 31 Oct. 2001 in the city's Central Textile Museum

"E-Textiles - Jacquard Weaving", travelling exhibition, starting in Montreal/Canada from 8 to 16 Nov. 2000

Marie-Rose Lortet, personal exhibition at Musée Jean Lurçat in Angers/France, from 16 Dez. 2000 to 20 June 2001

Applied Art Triennale in Tallinn/Estonia, exhibition from 10 Nov. 2000 to 14 Jan. 2001

Parments from Krefeld, exhibition from 10 Dec. 2000 to March 2001 at the German Textile Museum in Krefeld

Show of achievements in felt art, from 8 to 28 January 2001 in Copenhagen

European Felt Art 2000, exhibition from 22 Dec. 2000 to 18 March 2001 in Karlsruhe/Germany

"Fabric on Fashion", exhibition from 9 Nov. 2000 to 14 Jan. 2001 at the London Crafts Council Gallery

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Reports of selected events

2000 Pfann Ohmann Prize, awarded to Gilbert Brennenbauer for his installation "Angel", at Vienna's Artists House

Tapestries by Peter Horn, on view in autumn 2000 at the Sandbeck manor near Kiel/Germany

Applied Art in Baden-Württemberg was on view in autumn 2000 at the Hallisch-Fränkische Museum in Schwäbisch-Hall/Germany

Fashion show on 13 Oct. 2000 at the Berlin-Weissensee Art College

"Clothes with Edges and Corners" on view during the Fashion View Prize 2000 in Northrhine-Westfalia

"Heringsdorf goes Fashion", fashion show in September 2000

Landscape installations by Gertraude Pohl in autumn 2000 at different places in Germany

Textile art meeting in St. Truiden/Belgium, 5th Betonac Price and 10th ETN Meeting in September 2000

"The Trilogy of Precious Dyestuffs from the Mediterranean: Purple, Kermes and Woad", report by Renata Pompas

Ritva Puotila - Kaj Frank Design Prize Winner in Finland

The Northern German Crafts Triennial, autumn 2000 at the museum of Castle Gottorf in Schleswig-Holstein/Germany

Tapestries by Benet Rossell, autumn 2000 in Barcelona

Mittelmoda fashion show on 16 September 2000 in Gorizia/Italy

"Paperworld", installation by Ekaterina Nesterova in Moscow

Papermoon project by two Danish fashion resp. textile designers, on view in autumn 2000 in Herning/Denmark

"Measure for Measure", results of a fabric design competition, on view during the SDA Conference in Kansas/USA

"Textile Links", exhibition with participants from Lithuania and Austria in Salzburg

"Paper, Fantasy & Clothes", prize winning results of the fashion competition "Étoile de la Mode" in Liège/Belgium

Special reports

Second working meeting of the Textile Routes project group, report by Margot Schindler/Vice-director of the Austrian Ethnographic Museum

Japanese impressions by Bianca M. Strobel and Eva Koopmann

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Other subjects

Book reviews

Contemporary Textile Art - Collection of the Pierre Pauli Association, by Erika Billeter, André Garvillet, Pierre Magnenat and Anic Zanzi ; CH-Wabern, 2000

Habit-Habitat, Christa de Carouge, by Werner Blaser and Lars Müller, CH-Baden 2000

Japanese Textiles in the Victoria and Albert Museum, by Anna Jackson ; London 2000

Four Hundred Years of Fashion, Publisher Natalie Rothstein ; Londen 1999

Nature and Architecture, by Paolo Portoghesi; Mailand 2000

Natur und Design - Inspirationen für Architektur, Mode und angewandte Kunst, by Alan Powers ; Bern 2000 (German edition)

Papier en Water - Water and Paper, Publisher Museum Rijswijk ; Rijswijk 2000

The Book of Fine Paper, by Silvie Turner, London 1998

Papiers à la Mode, by Isabelle des Borchgrave and Rita Brown ; London 2000

Art Textile of the World : Great Britan, Vol. 2, Publisher Jennifer Harris ; Winchester 1999

Art Textiles of the World : USA, Publisher Matthew Koumis ; Winchester 2000

Passages - Photographs in Africa, by Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher ; New York 2000

Hair in African Art and Culture, Publisher Roy Sieber and Frank Herreman ; New York 2000

Brief notes

The "Perez Enciso" Ethnographic Museum in Spain, by Lala de Dios

Electronic 3D Measuring System

Numero Zero, a new Italian handweavers' magazine

New Textile Museum in Switzerland?


Useful ads of suppliers of material, products, tools, equipment, future educational course offers, announcements of competitions etc.

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