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TF 3/2000 New Departures in Textiles II

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TF: 52 pages, 22 high quality colour pages, A4 format (German edition: 60 pages).
Most of the articles are presented with complete contact addresses.

New Departures in Textiles

The British "New Designers Show", by Frances Geesin

Woven light-emitting material, by Sarah Taylor

The situation in Sweden: Textile art or art in textiles, by Saimi Kling

Romanian experiences, by Dietmar Laue

A look at contemporary tapestry in Portugal, by Madalena Braz Teixeira

Slovenia: Addendum to our feature on textile & fashion design and textile art

A brief historical appreciation of textile art in Flanders, by Johan Valcke

Belgian tapestry in the new millennium, by Elsje Janssen

Arelis - Art of weaving, by Denise Bigot

The Baltic: Textile art in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, by Velta Raudzepa, Vita Geluniene and Lea Pruuli

Two important improvements enhancing ETN members' level of information: The members file and the Internet database, by Dietmar Laue

Textile culture in Spain - A brief report on the past two years, by Lala de Dios

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Preview of events

Calendar of international events

Textile Forum magazine is known for its complete quarterly calendar. For the third quarter of 2000, 226 current exhibitions are listened, 29 specialised meetings resp. further educational opportunities and 12competitions.

Calendar of regional events

The German edition has a calendar of more than 69 additional exhibitions, meetings/courses, competitions and fairs/Markets in German speaking countries.

Some selected event previews

Three contests and nine specialised further educational opportunities resp. specialised meetings are noted in details, with their entry, submission resp. application conditions, dates and complete addresses.

Exhibitions - Detailes and/or illustrated articles

Dresden lace "point de Saxe", exhibition from 15 to 31 October 2000 at Pillnitz Castle near Dresden

Opera costumes, exhibition from 12 September 2000 to 14 January 2001 at the Musée des Tissus in Lyon

Art in the Castle, exhibition featuring 14 Alsacian artists from 26 June to 1 October 2000 at Wesserling Casle in Haute Alsace

Blue - A cultural bridge, exhibition from 9 to 30 September 2000 in Frederikvaert / Denmark

Luminous threads (Fili di Luce), exhibition from 2 June to 31 December 2000 at the Prato Textile Museum in Italy

Textile art by Waltraud Janzen, from 15 October 2000 to 7 January 2001 in Heidelberg

A trace of handicraft - The 8th Triennial of Craft: Australia and Germany, from 27 September 2000 to 27 January 2001 in Frankfurt / Main

Delicate threads from Morocco, exhibition from 27 August to 12 November 2000 at the Textile Museum in Krefeld / Germany

Living tradition: 19th century American quilts, exhibition from 9 December to 18 March 2001 at the Dutch Textile Museum Tilburg

Felt design, exhibition from 23 April to 30 September 2000 at the Felt Museum in Mouzon / France

Tapestries from Mainz: 15th and 16th century Central Rhineland tapestries, from 15 April to 3 October 2000 in Mainz / Germany

Miniartextil 2000, exhibition of international textile art, from 23 September to 28 October 2000 in Como / Italy

Scandinavian Sensibility, exhibition from 5 August to 20 September 2000 at the Browngrotta Art Gallery in Wilton / USA

Inside the image, exhibition of pieces by Els van Baarle, from 16 to 28 September at Galerie Smend in Cologne

The 5th International Betonac Prize, contemporary lace exhibition from 23 September to 29 October 2000 in St. Truiden / Belgium

10th International Lodz Tapestry Triennial / preview, exhibition from 28 May to 31 October 2001 in Poland

Fototessere 2 - The Net, Internet presentation of textile art , application until 31 December 2000

"From useful to designer handicraft", exhibition from 9 September to 28 October 2000 in Bergen / Holland

Tallinn Triennial of Applied Art, exhibition from 10 November 2000 to 7 January 2001 in Estonia

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Reports of selected events

3rd "Scythia" Textile Symposium in June 2000 in Kherson / Ukraine

The Taegu Design Competition in May 2000 in Korea, report by Els van Baarle

The 11th Conference of the Surface Design Association in Kansas / USA, report by Beatrijs Sterk

"In Memory of the History of the St. Petersburg College of Art", exhibition in April / May 2000, report by Marina Blumin and Alexandra Balash

The "Requiem" tapestry, exhibition on 5th May in the Smolny Cathedral in St. Petersburg, report by Marina Blumin

Textile art without looms, exhibition from 11 to 28 May 2000 in Italy

Korean women in Milan: Son Lok Young, Jang Guk Wha and Kim Mi Hye, exhibition in June 2000

Mario Tudor at Sartirana Castle in Northern Italy, exhibition of the well-known Italian artist in June / July

Contemporary Portuguese textile art, exhibition in June 2000 at the Wool Museum in Covilhã / Portugal

16th International symposium in Graz / Austria, July 2000

Kesa Cloths for the Millennium by US artist Betsy Sterling Benjamin, February 2000 in Kyoto / Japan

The Mittelmoda contest - Competition for young fashion designers in Italy

Structure & Image, woven textiles by Lia Cook, exhibition from June to August 2000 in Oxford , Ohio / USA

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Other subjects

Book reviews

Teintures précieuses de la Méditerranée - Pourpre, Kermès & Pastel, published by Musée des Beaux-Arts Carcassonne & Centre de Documentació i Museu Textíl in Terrassa, 1999/2000

Handbook of Dye Chemistry (Handbuch der Farbenchemie), edited by Wolfgang Müller, Ecomed Verlagsgesellschaft, Landsberg 2000

Madder Red - A history of luxury and trade - Plant dyes and pigments in world commerce and art, Robert Chenciner, Richmond / UK 2000

Batik - Javanese and Sumatra Batiks from Courts and Palaces, Rudolf G. Smend Collection, publisher Galerie Smend, Cologne 2000

Material Matters - The Art and Culture of Contemporary Textiles, publishers Ingrid Bachmann & Ruth Scheuing, Toronto / CDN 1998

Dorothea Reese-Heim: Diaphane Körper in den Raum gezeichnet, publisher Ursula Blanchebarbe, Heidelberg 2000

Silk Weaving of the 18th Century, Vol. 1: Bizarre Seiden, Christoph Ackermann, Abegg-Foundation, Riggisberg / CH 2000

Treasures in Silk - An illustrated history of Chinese textiles, Feng Zhao, Hangzhou 1999

Brief notes

Website for textile and fashion students

Glowing silk

Textile designer of the year 2000: Inka Kivalo / FIN

Stamp made of textile material

New lace museum in Calais

National Centre of Embroidery moves to Manchester

Tapestries for the British parliament


Useful ads of suppliers of material, products, tools, equipment, future educational course offers, announcements of competitions etc.

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