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Password information

Password acccess is only needed for the Pfeiladdress database and the Pfeilcalendar

Address data and event search

Full access to the database is currently granted to Network members and database subscribers only. However, interested 'surfers' will be given a complete insight into our structure and the quantity of stored addresses and events.

The layout

The database layout is divided in two separate frames having different functions:

Frame to the left:

1. For general information and orientation, map of Europe, list of countries, help for users and information about the source (not visible on the picture!)
2. Presentation of search results available to all visitors (see picture!)

Frame to the right:

1. Functional area for search procedures (not visible)
2. for password application (see picture!)
3. Presentation of detailed information to each single address (not visible)



The information in the frame to the left is available for all visitors of the ETN database. The more detailed information in the frame to the right is only available by your password.

Auge Information for password holder

By pressing on one of the blue icons you will be asked to enter your password.
In the upper field you write your family name in a simplified manner (without accents, only the first name in case of double family name). In the lower field you write your ETN reference number (which is marked on every invoice and on your membership card).
This procedure gives you access to the complete database for the whole search frequence.
A password can be obtained by PfeilETN Membership or PfeilAnnual Subscription.